NABATEANS Logo (Petra)

Al Khazneh, the Nabatene Treasury in the City of Petra

At NABATAEANS, we work to understand and explain economic and political developments across the Middle East.

We feel that relevant, thoughtful analysis must be interdisciplinary at its core, combining insights from economics, politics, as well as institutional and historical realities. Informed by our research on macroeconomic and political dynamics in the region, we work to identify “value” oriented investment opportunities.

Who were the NABATAEANS?

The Nabataeans were an ancient Arab trading people who settled around the city of Petra (in modern day Jordan) between 200 BC and 100 AD. The Nabataeans have long been viewed as a crossroads of cultures, influenced by the movements of trade throughout the Middle East, linking the producers of major esteemed commodities with consumers. They built glorious cities in the Middle East by connecting the East,  West, North and South, only to be subjugated as their kingdom was annexed by Rome in the year 106.