Mozambique to Receive €93 Million in Infrastructure Financing from the EU

Mozambique to Receive €93 Million in Infrastructure Financing from the EU

The European Commission has announced that it will fund three projects in Mozambique designed to improve local infrastructure. According to the press release issued by the Commission on  June 6th, one project will provide access to clean drinking water for 50,000 people, another will improve the roads which link Malawi to Mozambique’s ports and the last aims at the finalisation of the construction of two hospitals.

The majority of the funds (€81 million) will go to the roadway improvement project. This project involves renovating over 200 km of national and rural roads. It will help several remote agricultural areas gain access to trade opportunities and will speed the integration of Mozambique into the Southern African Development Community.

Mozambique: GNI per Capita 2003 - 2011

Source: World Bank (GNI is given per capita and adjusted for PPP)

Mozambique, despite having achieved consistent economic growth over the past decade (see table), is afflicted by rampant poverty, inadequate access to schooling and healthcare for a majority of its population and poor infrastructure.

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